urban ballet cph

Urban ballet is a non-profit passion project to take dance into the streets of Copenhagen. The project wants to break classical ballet out of its traditional mould, mixing it with street dance, modern and hip-hop to create a dance video that will inspire and entertain. Thus creating something new and exciting in the process. 

The initial goal is to create a dance video, to a remix of Lindsey Stirling's two tracks; 'Crystallise' and 'Round Table Rival'. This video will tell the story of a girl who is rejected from the traditional ballet world, and goes on a journey through Copenhagen, finding her strength in the process. 

The journey will take the viewer on a tour of both the traditional tourist Copenhagen, but more importantly, to places less seen: the urban view.

Produced, filmed and directed: Tom Dowling and Minna Katz
Choreographer: Emma Olley
Danser: Chess Boughey