tales of israel

Tales of Israel is a multimedia platform with personal narratives from contemporary Israel. Here we focus on the people and not high political debates.

Tales of Israel communicates information and insights through podcasts, videos, text and pictures. The site is for everyone who wants to know more about the everyday life in Israel from the street level perspective.

Israel is a small yet fascinating and complex country that is often found on the international political agenda. Israel has a rich history and culture with many unique traditions.

It is not the aim of the site to give an exhaustive or complete account of the conditions in Israel today. Nor is it the intention to ignore Palestine, which is an inseparable part of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and to which we have great respect.

Instead Tales of Israel raises awareness and gets close to the people living in Israel. Tales of Israel wishes to make space for nuances in the debate about Israel-Palestine. The site provides personal accounts from the everyday life in the area and shows that there is more to Israel than the conflict. But in these stories it also becomes clear, that the conflict is saturating the Israeli society.

Tales of Israel wishes to be politically impartial and the goal is in time to include the Palestinian side as well. Israel is just the point of departure. In time the site will grow and tell stories from both Israel and Palestine, so that not only outsiders, but also those involved have access to each other’s stories. That is why the ultimate goal of Tales of Israel is to raise awareness and understanding across borders.


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A Part Of Being An Israeli

This short film is the result of one-month anthropological field study in Israel. It tells the story of young Israelis at a mechina - a premilitary academy. We meet them just before they enroll in the Israeli military.

November 2012.

Filmed, edited, directed by Minna Katz.
Co-Producers: Rasmus Due Skavlan; Lasse Christiansen; Magnus Stein; Adam Weng; Kim Abel Jessen


Diburim is a Danish radioprogramme broadcasted at Copenhagen University Radio.

Diburim is a Hebrew word for "talk". Their programs cover various themes and stories from Israel.

Minna from Moby Dox has participated in four of their podcasts on subjects like Danish Jews, Taglit, Aliyah, Israeli Defence Forces and more.

You can listen to them here:

NB: They are all in Danish